Our Story

Viagem, Inc. is a technology startup based in Washington, D.C. focused on making travel easily accessible to everyone and enhancing travelers’ experiences around world. We are developing our first product #WalkAbout App to provide users a way to connect to an ever increasing community of global citizens. No matter where our users go, they’ll be able to take us with them and connect with others in the #Walkabout community.

Viagem, Inc. was founded by two self-proclaimed travel fanatics in Washington, D.C. CEO Stella Ma worked for the US Federal Government for 10 years and decided in 2013 to pack her bags and just start wandering the globe for a bit. CTO Puneet Jain has traveled across the world from India to Columbia, MD only to discover that his wanderlust only increased the farther he went.

#WalkAbout App

Have you ever traveled alone? Have you ever been struck with wanderlust at home? Have you ever wished that there was a better way to connect with travelers around you?

#WalkAbout App is a social networking tool based on engaging users in realtime through a beautiful, yet functional, questions and answers system. Our aim is for you to initially engage through a dynamic Q&A feed, then continue engagement with our in-app chat, and eventually take that experience offline.

Take us with you on your next adventure and tap into a global community of WalkAbouters.


Our Team

Stella Ma

CEO & Co-Founder

Stella founded Viagem, Inc. to tackle some of the pain points that she felt whilst traveling the world.

Puneet Jain

CTO & Co-Founder

Puneet is a serial entrepreneur with over 7 years of experience in designing & developing web and mobile applications.

Kanu Priya Thatte

Director, Marketing

Priya is an intrepid traveler herself and the Founder/CEO of Digital Umami. She is the brilliance behind Viagem, Inc’s marketing strategy and implementation.

Our Advisors

Jing Wang

Founding U.S. CEO

Forbes 30 under 30 for Finance; licensed NYC taxi driver

Evelyne White

CEO & Co-Founder

Evelyne is the founder and CEO of BookaLokal, a social dining marketplace where food lovers can list, browse and book culinary events hosted by locals in more than 40 countries.

Michelle Olenoski

Sr. Product Manager of Mobile Payments
Capital One

Michelle has more than 10 years of experience in product management, general management, marketing, startups, mobile, and ecommerce – including Amazon.com and Curb

Melody Joy Munn

Graphic Designer
Melody Joy Designs

Melody is extremely passionate about design! She has expanded her business from personal one-on-one client strategy to include larger scale commercial designs.



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  • +1 (707) 418 8894